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Scheduling Your Appointment

Our cleaning time estimates are based off of home size. We estimate approximately one hour per bedroom. This estimate can vary depending upon the number of bathrooms and the condition of the home when we arrive.
The number of people who will be cleaning varies depends upon the size of your home. For homes with fewer than three bedrooms and bathrooms we generally send one cleaner. For homes with more than three bedrooms, we will typically send out two cleaners.
No, you do not need to be home for our cleaners to complete the clean. If you are going to be home, that works well too! For our first-time clients, we would like for someone to be home to meet our cleaners and talk through the service. This is helpful for our team to be able to ask go over your expectations and ask and questions they may have.
We gladly accept most major credit, debit and check cards. We do not accept cash or checks, with the exception of optional cash tips for cleaners. Tips can be added to card transactions as well, and all tips added to the account are given directly to the cleaners who serviced your home.
Our recurring customers receive a discount based upon their scheduling frequency. Our monthly customers receive a 5% discount, our bi-weekly customers receive a 10% discount and our weekly customers receive a 15% discount.
It is always our goal to send the same people out to your home for each clean. We know that you build relationships with your cleaners, and our cleaners can become accustomed to your home.

About Your Cleaning

We recommend that all of our clients tidy up their belongings before we come to clean. We can do our best work, and you will see the best results, when your home is organized for the cleaning. Some people feel the urge to “clean before the cleaners” but that is not necessary! We are coming to make sure that everything in your home is cleaned and looking its best, there is no need to clean anything before we come.
You can find a full list of our services here!
Our standard services to not include laundry, but there are a few exceptions. If you would like your beds made with clean linens, we will remove the linens from the bed and replace them with freshly laundered ones, so long as the linens have already been through the was. Laundry services can be added to your clean at an additional cost.
We know your pets are important members of your family, and we want to treat them that way! We can happily clean with your pets around, but we know that some furry friends are scared of vacuums and other tools we need to provide our service. We will always refer to you and whatever you are comfortable doing. Whether it requires placing them in specific rooms, in their kennel or letting them roam free, we will work with your pets however makes you feel most comfortable!
No, Tidy Home provides our cleaners with all of the supplies necessary to provide the best clean on the market. All of the products we use are safe for children and pets, and are eco-friendly. We do know that some people have a preference for particular products or tools. If you have anything you would prefer that our cleaners use, let them know! We will be happy to accommodate your request.

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